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Suzhou TSINQ New Material Technology LTD .was founded in 2002, self built plant in Suzhou Industrial Park,specializing in the production of photovoltaic module materials, graphene radiating film, electronic film,composite materials and sales, display, communication equipment, aerospace, precision electronics and otherindustries to provide a full process solutions for the downstream flat suppliers.

After ten years of development, the company has formed two pillar industries in the photoelectric display materials and electronic film, TSINQ enterprise brand influence and social awareness is rising.

TSINQ in the establishment is sure to "technology, innovation, quality, service" as the only criterion we lead, the company attaches importance to technological innovation and to the quality of staff training, provide employees to achieve self transcendence of space growth environment, help the favorable for the employees, for the community to create more value.

TSINQ advocate harmonious coexistence of science technology and environment, followed by all kinds of international environmental protection laws and regulations, and achieve the purpose of environmental protection through technical innovation. And to ensure that all products are able to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

To create maximum value for customers, to meet customer is 100% TSINQ survival motivation, and only continue to provide high-quality products, perfect after sale service for the customers. In order to win the market, has won the respect of customers; for enterprises to seek survival in the fierce competition in the market to pave the wayfor sustainable development; the cornerstone of TSINQ. TSINQ with high sense of responsibility, sincere partnership with customers, and seek common development with customers.

Development is not smooth, endless innovation. The past, we make concerted efforts, to tide over the crisis,has won a preliminary victory. Today, we stand on a new starting point, TSINQ will be the more tenacious will, more confidence, more scientific, and create a WFOE career to new heights, write a new chapter in the history of TSINQ development, realize new leap!